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ECO-SYSTM is an eco-conscious coworking community located at 540 Howard St. in the heart of the SOMA district of San Francisco. Our mission is to invest in the sustainable growth of our members by redefining the conventional shared workspace and focusing on a holistic approach to professional development.  By providing an environment that enhances the business acumen, creativity, health, enjoyment, and social consciousness of our members ECO-SYSTM will help unlock the full potential of each individual so that they can contribute to the culture of tomorrow.

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ECO-SYSTM is founded on the understanding that there is a global transformation underway. Innovative new business, economic and social models, coupled with access to rapidly advancing new technologies, are empowering people to transform our world. It is essential for success - and it is the purpose of ECO-SYSTM to pave the way for that journey by providing a place of heightened connectivity and access to a diversity of growth opportunities.

Growing your business

ECO-SYSTM has partnered with industry leaders to bring our members unmatched access to workshops and classes designed to help you build your business.  From scheduled interactions with experts on intellectual property law to one-on-one support from leaders in human resource management, ECO-SYSTM offers a robust curriculum of content to help drive your success.

Developing creativity

At ECO-SYSTM we believe that it is essential to devote adequate time to thinking innovatively.  ECO-SYSTM provides our members with an environment that inspires creativity through a variety of outlets ranging from painting classes to DJing 101.

Encouraging healthy living

As hardworking entrepreneurs we often neglect the most essential component to success – our health.  For this reason, ECO-SYSTM offers our members healthy snack and beverage options as well as yoga, nutrition and fitness classes.  By improving upon the health of our members we will increase focus and productivity, allowing our members to manage their business more effectively.

Cultivating happiness

It is important in every ecosystem that there is a balance between output and input.  With this understanding, ECO-SYSTM has built into our core offerings opportunities for recreational enjoyment like discounts to Temple nightclub, happy hours and field trips so that our members have a chance to take a break and decompress.

Making an impact

As part of our ECO-SYSTM it is important that our members give back.  We are proud to partner with local nonprofits and social entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact on our world.  By offering our members an opportunity to volunteer and become more informed about social issues through interactions with these organization is our hope that each member will be inspired to make a difference in our world.

Meet the Team

Paul Hemming


Meaghen Liebe

Director of Operations

Charles Shaw

Community & Events Manager


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We are actively seeking members, partners and sponsors. For more information on how to get involved with ECO-SYSTM please contact us.

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Our Members

Eaze is an on-demand healthcare delivery service that enables patients to access medical marijuana easily, quickly and professionally via a mobile device. Its proprietary technology automates orders, driver dispatches and deliveries to patients in 10 minutes on average. Founded in 2013 in San Francisco by Keith McCarty, a seasoned tech executive who helped build Yammer (acquired by Microsoft), Eaze raised $1.5 million in funding in the first few months after its launch.

Sendbridge is the best mobile growth service for scaling your users and your revenue.

Jingling Gate is an all female full stack web development consultancy focused on creating user-friendly websites.

Benissimo offers a fresh new approach to systems and SaaS integration. As a Salesforce partner, Benissimo helps customers build all-cloud, quote-to-cash ecosystems that enable mobility, productivity and social connectedness.

Pick takes the back and forth out of getting people together to do the things they want to do. It compares calendars, suggests times and books events so that more of what you’d like to happen, actually happens.

CrowdAlbum is building a visual history of the world's events as seen through social media. Whether news, sports, or music, CrowdAlbum covers events from the most important point of view - those who were there. Though still in private alpha, its hundreds of partners range from popular artists (Macklemore, Keith Urban, Lil Wayne) to professional sports teams (The Detroit Pistons, Portland Trailblazers).

Mozaik is a next generation education platform.


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For press inquiries please contact our Press Team. Follow us on Twitter @ecosystmSF or like us on Facebook to get updates!